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We’ve been a Customer and Partner of Infusionsoft for a little over 12 months, working with a great team and some great clients. The thing is, you never really appreciate the full implications of making automated marketing work in business until you’ve got to wade your way through some curly problems that only seem to come about with an explosion of campaigns.

We recently returned from two days at the Infusionsoft University in Sydney and “Boy! Was it great or was it great?”

We have pages of notes and created a plethora of campaign frameworks and campaign sequences to build upon and the really cool thing we’ve returned with is an insight into the strategies that successful businesses are using and the best practices for making Infusionsoft deliver amazing results.

So, here goes…Our top three future-proofing strategies that will help you get the most from your Infusionsoft system.

1. The Value in a Repeatable & Trackable Process

This is a goal we’ve been pursuing all along with out Automated Closed-loop Marketing philosophy where the real value from implementing any technology in your business is in creating repeatable, trackable processes.

There is a tendency for many customers to create one-off broadcast-style campaigns that automate a series of tasks. This is great and many soon discover a major shortcoming in this approach.

Every campaign is developed to execute sequentially and once the campaign has completed, there is nowhere else to take your contacts. The result is a single campaign, with a single purpose, initiated by a single email.

Once finished, it is finished forever!

So, how do you create repeatability and trackability in your campaigns so that every interaction with it has the potential of being leveraged in the future?

  • Apply a tag to every link, radio button and check box you use in your campaign. Every time someone interacts with one of your emails, web forms and landing pages, you want to gain some intelligence that you can use later to help customise future communication.
  • Create tags that are meaningful and convey the reason why your contact may have clicked on the link or selected a particular option. You will want to use this to segment your list so that you can better customer your communication to them going forward.

2. Treat Campaigns as a Progression Through a Sales Funnel

How you initially structure your campaigns can have a dramatic impact on the effort you’ll need to go through to communicate with your contacts in the future. Here’s how…

When your campaign ends with a sequence, all contacts will remain queued in that sequence, pending further activity. If you later decide to add another sequence, all of those contacts will automatically progress through the process steps of the next sequence.

This may not be your intention.

Generally, the purpose of any campaign process should be to progress contacts through a funnel. This means that each communication with them should become more and more refined and more and more specific to their needs and interests (See point 1.)


You’ll need to think about designing your campaign sequences as small steps towards helping your customers and prospects achieve one or more goals. Each goal is then used as a “gatepost” to more specific and more relevant communication.

Instead of ending a campaign with a sequence, make it a practice to always add a goal after your final sequence. That way, when you add a new sequence after an existing goal, only people achieving the goal will be added.

3. Engagement is the New Email Marketing Metric

It used to be that “deliverability” was the key metric used email marketers as a measure of campaign effectiveness. Making sure that their emails were delivered to a contact’s inbox has long been the primary focus of email service providers.

More recently however, a new focus is being adopted that ensure only the valuable email content is present to recipients.

Engagement, relates to how people interact with your emails. Opening an email carries some weight but clicking on a link carries even more.

If you’re contacts aren’t interacting with your emails, you’re likely to lose out in the Engagement sphere to the extent that they risk being treated as SPAM.

Just as the email subject line (and the first few lines of the email) needs to be crafted to get people to open it, the content of the email needs to be designed with the aim of getting people to click on a link.

So, there you have it. Our top three future-proofing strategies, picked up from Infusionsoft University, for making sure you’re getting the most out of your Infusionsoft system.

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Girl rolls her eyes, hangs up and blocks his number.

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